Episode 7. Understanding Protective Orders

In this episode, we talk about protective orders which they haven’t discussed in their previous shows. Patricia explains that protective orders are tools created many years ago legislated on behalf of people dealing with issues of family violence. They are created to keep people apart when it’s not safe. She also explains the types of protective orders available, including the emergency protective order and the permanent protective order. Note that a protective order is different from a restraining order, which is not enforceable by police. A protective order can be enforced by law enforcement, and if violated, the offender can be arrested. Additionally, the importance of full faith and credit laws, which means that a protective order issued in one state is good in all states and territories of the United States. Patricia explains what a protective order entails, including the length of distance required, communication, custody issues, child support, and other restrictions. Finally, what is the significance of protective orders in the context of the pandemic of Covid-19, and the shadow pandemic of domestic violence?

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