Episode 2. Recognizing Different Types of Abuse: Family Stories and Values

In this episode, Patricia and Jenny discuss various types of abuse and how they are not limited to physical abuse. The conversation delves into how emotional and psychological abuse can be just as damaging and insidious. We discuss the ways in which perpetrators use verbal abuse and manipulation to make their victims question their self-worth and decision-making abilities. We also explore how childhood experiences can shape how people perceive and tolerate abuse, leading to a gradual acceptance of unacceptable behavior. Patricia discusses how emotional abuse can often escalate into physical abuse, making it important to recognize the warning signs and seek help early on. We talk about the importance of sharing family stories and values with children, emphasizing the need to tell inspiring stories about past generations that teach values and character traits like respect, love, nurturing, and connectedness. She also cautions against spiritual abuse, which involves using faith and spirituality to control and manipulate individuals. We conclude with a call for better communication and investment in families to instill strong values and create a sense of security and safety for children.

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