Episode 4. Patriarchy and Its Impact on Domestic Violence

In this episode, Jenny and Patricia delve into the topic of patriarchy and its contribution to systems of oppression. We discuss how men can become trapped in the system and the root causes of their behavior, including a sense of entitlement and need for control. The impact of patriarchy on abusive situations and male privilege is also explored, as well as the different expectations placed on boys and girls within families. We emphasize the need to challenge patriarchy and highlight how it has led to important laws against domestic violence and sexual harassment. We also discuss the broader impact of domestic violence on communities, including the financial cost and effect on children. Patricia suggests that promoting healthy masculinity and giving boys responsibilities within the family can help break the cycle of violence and lead to respectful, kind, capable, and affectionate men. Ultimately, there is a need to rethink the entire system of patriarchy and consider solutions to ameliorate the issues and problems it has caused.

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