Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) creates opportunities to right relationships among individuals, communities, and even systems. It invites people to identify and name harm (interpersonal, generational, systemic) and those who have done harm to make it right or be accountable. At times RJ looks like advocacy, demonstrations, speaking truth to power, and at other times it looks like a facilitated conversation held in the presence of a loving community. 

Through the lens of restorative justice, we see the inherent value in all people, and believe nobody is disposable.

We resist punitive, carceral systems in response to harm for youth and adults and seek to contribute to alternative systems that repair harm lead to flourishing communities.

As Empower House has incorporated a restorative lens into all our programming, we’ve looked to models within our own communities rooted in indigenous practice as well as city-wide community models .

Community Circles

At Empower House, we sit in circles with youth, adults, families and our staff. Through circle practice we build community, repair harm, learn together, work through conflict and heal.

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